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Asiakaspalvelu p. 044 722 2300


Metsäsairila provides households in Mikkeli with waste disposal services.
Metsäsairila arranges collection, transportation, reception, handling and processing of household waste. 


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Reception of waste

Bring your builder’s waste, discarded furniture, discarded electrical appliances and hazardous waste to the Kieppi Sorting and Recycling Centre or one of our sorting centres intended for small waste loads. 

Reception of waste


Sorting to be done by households

Household waste needs to be sorted into the following types: biowaste, plastic packages, carton packages, metal packages, glass packages and mixed waste. Packaging waste is also collected at ecopoints.

Additionally, pharmaceutical waste, empty batteries, discarded textiles, discarded electrical appliances and hazardous waste need to be taken to their specific collection points.

A guide to sorting waste